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Greetings all! It's been a long time since I revamped the ol' site here, so I thought it might be time to do that again... so I'll at least be trying to get that done... get all the pics arranged, rather than just planning to put them up later. ;p

For those who do not know (if you care), I am currently living in the Netherlands, with my boyfriend, Arno. At the moment, I am not working, so this gives me time for other pursuits, like a new comic series, written cooperatively by Arno and myself, as a sort of message-back-home thing. Arno and Beedoo!, Sitting In A Tree. It may even get its own sidebar button one of these days, when I get access to my home computer again.

If things go well enough, we may get back to doing another project which petered out: our intended webcomic, Mythicalls.

On top of that, I'm going to try to get Arno's writing into some chapterized format to put up in the Library as I've done with Dreamsinger's Slayers fic and gallery and my own fanfic, which won't be up until I can access my manuscript in the States. Oops. >.<

So, them's the news. Stuff should be appearing soonish. If you'd like to leave me a comment, or one to pass on to Arno, my mail is prplbeedoo@yahoo.com as it has been for a while now. We love comments and criticism, so shoot us a line, even if it's just to say hi. ;)

Beedoo!, May 27, 2010

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